Hilico is on a journey to reach out to off-grid communities and develop solutions that will improve the lives of millions.

In the past decade, founders Eyal Yassky-Weiss and Moshe Belilty, spent a lot of time in extreme conditions. From battlefields to natural disasters to slums. Having experience in operating and adapting to off-grid conditions, they understand that humanity must find ways to bridge the gap between the advanced technology that is available today worldwide and the people who really need it. That dream is why Hilico was founded.

The company aims to provide solutions for water, food, energy, and hygiene, by adapting existing technologies to make them more accessible to those who really need them. 

Their first product is a portable, lightweight, and innovative rain-harvesting device designed to sustainably provide clean drinking water to off-grid communities and disaster relief areas worldwide.

Bertzman Social Ventures role is to finance working capital needs for inventory and customer receivables. Our US$100k revolving line of credit will enable Hilico to reach a portion of the over one billion people who live off-grid.