Bertzman Social Ventures and Waterworks believe that clean water and sanitation for all people is an attainable goal. But we have a way to go…

The Problem: We believe that our water problems are coming at an accelerated pace and scale and because of climate change, population growth, limited public funds, and aging infrastructure it’s going to get worse.

The Solution: More people, ideas, partnerships, technology and financing may be the solution we have been waiting for. And it starts by asking for it. That’s where WaterWorks and BertzmanSV comes in.

Founded by Lon Johnson and Julianna Smoot, WaterWorks seeks to advance potential water solutions by introducing investors to opportunities in companies and projects seeking capital at

What is new about their approach is, “We are employing an online process that greatly simplifies the interaction between investors and investees,” says Lon Johnson. “We believe it’s no longer enough to point out a water problem and then quietly seek investment in analog fashion from a small select group of investors. First off, we think that approach is not working fast enough; and second, investors can now invest directly online in privately held water technology companies and projects.”

By democratizing both water investment opportunities for the investor and access to capital for the potential solution provider, the partnership between BertzmanSV and WaterWorks seeks to build an ever-expanding community of innovators and investors that can help drive water solutions at scale.

BertzmanSV will support this effort. “By providing financing to increase the visibility of enterprises raising capital, we hope to reduce friction and cost while accelerating the speed of the transaction process,” commented Neil Berman co-founder.

The combination of the BertzmanSV/WaterWorks partnership aims to offer a real-world solution to issues faced by water enterprises, allowing them to direct scarce capital to more productive uses, improving the outcomes for water founders, customers, investors, and the environment.