StormSensor works with cities and facilities to track how water moves through storm, sewer, and coastal systems. They deploy sensor networks and use the real-time data to build the maps and the insights regarding overflows, backups, and other stormwater and sewer infrastructure issues.

“Our system is like Google traffic maps for sewers, while also integrating other climate data for deeper insights into risk and resilience,” commented Erin Rothman CEO of StormSensor.

Situation: StormSensor deploys data networks that provide real-time weather, temperature, and flow data at every monitoring point, every 5 minutes, every day. They consolidate and analyze the data in real-time, providing customers with insights into how their critical stormwater and wastewater infrastructure operates. Cities use this data to respond to immediate needs, plan for future storm events, and design effective capital improvements.

Complication: The company’s sensors are manufactured in-house and require a series of components sourced from others. The lead time for ordering parts and the capital needed to purchase in bulk for economic reasons was a major roadblock to maintaining an ambitious customer growth plan.

Solution: A working capital line of credit from Bertzman Social Ventures was an obvious choice to finance inventory. The loan speeds the acquisition of parts and manufacture of needed sensors. And since the credit is straight debt, it is attractive for investors and owners in that it reduces dilution.

“We are pleased to be part of a solution that aims to reduce potential flooding by monitoring cities water sheds,” remarked Neil Berman, co-founder of Bertzman.

Climate change is happening. Companies like StormSensor are working with cities to adapt to current and future needs for compliance and prediction. We can help by playing a small part in this effort.”