Isle Utilities is a global consultancy serving over 150 water utilities across the globe, including Australia, the UK, Europe, North America, the Middle East, South-East Asia, New Zealand, and Africa.

They have established a Trial Reservoir to drive a radical change in how water utilities engage with new technology. It addresses not only the funding-for-trials challenge but – more importantly – it goes right to the heart of the cultural challenge in the water sector which drives the ‘trial then trial then trial again’ behaviors of some organizations.

The Trial Reservoir exists to:
1. Provide technology companies with access to trial funding
2. Enable water utilities to adopt technology with minimal financial risk
3. Ensure best practice is adopted during trial programs
4. Expedite the adoption of robust practical solutions which enhance customer experience

“Imagine a world where water utilities unite to fast-track the uptake of technology for the benefit of the environment, customers and local utilities,” said Piers Clark, Chairman of Isle.

“We are honored to join and fund a group of best practices experts in the global water utility industry,” commented Neil Berman, Co-founder of Bertzman.