Industrial Phycology Ltd, or I-Phyc for short, is a provider of natural wastewater treatment solutions. The name stems from the word Phycology – the scientific study of algae.

The technology from I-Phyc offers two main advantages. First, it removes contaminants from water such as phosphorus and ammonia without the use of chemicals. Second, it captures carbon dioxide and produces sustainable products from wastewater.

I-Phyc CEO Simon Gretton-Watson said, “Our algae-based technology for removing phosphorus and ammonia was inspired by the remarkable resilience of algae in nutrient-rich water ecosystems. Drawing from nature's wisdom, we've ingeniously replicated these conditions within a secure closed-loop system, forging a path towards a more sustainable approach to wastewater treatment.”

Scientists know that high levels of phosphorus in wastewater lead to algal blooms because algae feed on phosphorus. This natural affinity of the algae for cleaning up the phosphorus content in the water prompted the I-Phyc team to develop their Bio-P removal technology, which uses the natural process of phosphorus feeding of algae. The company was recently highlighted by Innovate UK KTN as a company to watch in 2023.

Bertzman provided project-based financing for an installation of the company’s solution in the United Kingdom.

“We were attracted to I-Phyc as their process uses no chemicals and the simplicity of the idea is remarkable. Of course, implementing it on an industrial scale did take some doing,” commented Neil Berman of Bertzman.