Conservation Labs vision is to improve the planet for future generations. Their first product, H2know, enables cost effective and sustainable water use. This is the big challenge: there are over 3 trillion gallons of unwanted water use each year in the U.S. alone, costing $100 billion.

“Our goal as a company is to bring visibility to water usage and provide a means to conserve water on a day-to-day basis,” said Mark Kovscek, Founder and CEO.

The company’s IoT water sensor helps manage water consumption and water disasters. This means saving money on your water bill and mitigating leaks and associated damage. Further, reducing water use reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Every time you do the dishes, flush the toilet, or use any water, the water rushes through the plumbing system to that location and creates a unique sound signature. You can hear it. And so does Conservation Lab’s water sensor.

H2know takes measurements from your pipe every second and uses their patented technology and machine learning approach to translate those signals to accurate water flow estimates, leak alerts, and water insights.

This information is displayed on the H2know app, so it is easy-to-read and to take action.

The applications for Conservation Labs products are residential properties, commercial real estate and restaurants. Future markets include industrial, municipal, and agriculture.

“We were attracted to Mark’s company because their impact is not just on water savings. Rather, the bigger picture includes the cost of that lost water, the related costs of sewage treatment, energy and potential water damage from leaks,” commented Neil Berman of Bertzman Social Ventures.