AquaRealTime provides automated early detection of water-born harmful algae blooms (HABs). Utilizing an IoT Sensor Buoy, the company reports real time monitoring of water assets in six key parameters every thirty minutes. A computer dashboard displays the early alerts at key action thresholds.

Customers include utilities, recreational areas, federal agencies, and power plants among others. The benefits for utilities are reducing the mitigation of algae bloom costs. For recreactional areas, the benefit is safe access. Federal agencies are mandated to monitor water bodies. And power plants are interested in reducing downtime and membrane damage.

The need is driven by the following potential problems.
•    Cities without drinking water for days
•    Communities without recreational areas for months
•    Lethal threat to people, pets, and aquatic animals
•    Massive fish kills and
•    Drastic OPEX increases for water utilities

Situation: AquaRealTime is growing rapidly. They need to bulk order and manufacture their propriety hardware which requires a considerable lead time especially during the present-day supply chain bottle necks. 

Complication: The hardware costs for the company’s IoT Sensor Buoys are significant to the extent that financing was required.

Solution: Bertzman Social Ventures provided a revolving line of credit to finance the buildup of equipment inventory.

“We are getting a lot attention in the North American market as our solution is faster to implement, cheaper to maintain and it provides for better real-time reporting,” commented Chris Lee, founder, and CEO.

“Water quality is frequently taken for granted,” Neil Berman of Bertzman observed. “Only when the system fails do we get angry. It’s companies like AquaRealTime that ensure safe access to this essential need.”