Beagle’s impact is the mitigation of water loss and water damage. 

Regarding water loss, one trillion gallons of water are lost each year in the United States due to leaks. This is enough water to fully supply the annual needs of Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami. 

Additionally, non-weather water damage is the number one cause of preventable homeowners’ insurance claims: five times more likely than fire and seven times more likely than theft. 

“Our business aligns incentives between homeowners, plumbers, and insurers to make plumbing proactive,” commented Paul Vacquier, Beagle co-founder. 

Beagle Services approaches plumbing with a purpose. They go beyond general plumbing services by offering leak detection alerts, automatic shutoff valves, and smart water sensors. 

Beagle's plumbing operations and growing technology stack can ensure properties are leak free and proactively work with partners and clients to prevent the potential of future leaks. Their monitoring and operational technology are achieving these loss mitigation goals, while modernizing a legacy trade.

Bertzman provided a working capital line of credit to finance customer receivables and inventory to support the growth of the company.

“We were attracted to Beagle because they approach plumbing proactively rather than the traditional fix it when it breaks mentality,” noted Neil Berman of Bertzman Social Ventures.