SENTRY is a robust, real-time water quality monitoring platform. The bio-electrode sensor platform allows wastewater treatment plant operators at 150 worldwide locations to detect problem wastewater conditions as they enter the treatment facility. 

Their vision is to make biological processes intuitive, simple, and controllable.

“We want to help wastewater operators make proactive decisions that will enhance treatment at their facilities and ensure they are protecting downstream watersheds” said Patrick Kiely, CEO

To that end, the company’s real-time system supports feed-forward monitoring for wastewater with a clear set of actions that can be taken to protect treatment works and optimize processes like aeration and anaerobic digestion.

The results are impressive - over 26 million people are protected in the watersheds served by Sentry with a monthly cost savings to clients of nearly 3 million dollars.

Situation: SENTRY’s global footprint has doubled in the last year. While growth is good it does make CFO, Ryan Dunn’s job a bit more challenging. As a result, he needed access to a flexible financing vehicle.

Solution: Bertzman provided a working capital line of credit (LOC) also known as a revolver, that can be drawn down and repaid at any time. 

“We have been following SENTRY’s progress for almost a year,” commented Neil Berman of Bertzman. “The time had come to formalize a partnership to help support their growth and impact potential.”