Oxford Earth Observation measures changes in water supply and demand at local catchment scale. Their valuation framework enables the investment needed to achieve water security.

A scarce resource, the value of water is set by the unique supply and demand dynamics of every catchment. Where this information is unavailable or inaccessible, water is typically used inefficiently.

OxEO uses remote sensing, machine learning, in situ measurements and published data to analyze catchment dynamics.

“Our goal is to measure changes in water supply and demand across a whole catchment, by source and user respectively, commented Alex Money, CEO. “We’re focused on around 100 catchments that are considered to be critical to achieving global water security by 2030.”

Bertzman provided a working capital loan to bridge the gap in grant funding payments.

“We have not seen any organization producing granular estimates of water demand for agricultural, industrial, domestic or ecosystem-related requirements,” said Neil Berman of Bertzman. “Therefore, we’re happy to be able to help OxEO achieve that mission.