Sanivation, in partnership with local governments, develops and implements solutions to meet the demand for rapid and locally deployable sanitation services. They employ a systematic approach working lockstep with local government to design, build, and train local staff on how to manage non-sewered sanitation services that meet the environmental and cultural needs of specific locations.

Sanivation’s flagship product is a waste-to-value treatment plant. The plants help meet the growing waste processing need from septic tanks and pit latrines. The plants transform collected fecal sludge into biomass fuels. The revenue from the sales of fuel covers operational costs. Each plant ensures waste is safely managed, creates local employment, prevents environmental pollution, and saves trees.
Situation: The company has experienced strong demand and has grown rapidly from three to eight cities and fourteen ongoing projects in just over one year.
Complication: As with many fast-expanding enterprises, the need for additional working capital to augment staff, facilities, equipment and supplies can precede payment for services rendered.

Solution: Bertzman Social Ventures provided a revolving working capital loan to support the continued growth of the company.

“We are seeing the impact of safely managed waste on thousands of people in East Africa,” commented Andrew Foote, founder of Sanivation. “The support from Bertzman allows our team to put capital to work faster enabling us to support more cities to be clean, healthy, and productive.” 

“We first talked with Sanivation three and a half years ago as Bertzman was starting out. It is with great pride and satisfaction that we are able to team up with Andrew at this significant time in their evolution,” noted Neil Berman of Bertzman.