Like most of you, Bertzman Social Ventures faced unique challenges in 2020.  As the world locked down in the Spring, we too stepped back to reevaluate our ambitions.

We continued to have conversations with potential investees and understand their barriers to survival and, if lucky, growth.  Through those many conversations, we discovered a financing niche we could uniquely fill.

We’ve spoken with dozens of organizations seeking to raise capital investment to fulfill basic cashflow needs.  We’ve seen many early-stage companies spending precious time and money trying to raise investment capital that will dilute the founders’ ownership and potentially distract from achieving the founders’ vision.  

At Bertzman, we believe that founders should retain ownership and management for as long as possible.
We also discovered that it is nearly impossible for these early-stage companies to access commercial bank financing.  In fact, we tried to financially guarantee a loan for a promising early-stage company and were turned away even though we had a long-term relationship with the bank.  

A lack of working capital can hamstring a promising company’s growth.

We believe that BSV can help bridge the finance gap for enterprises improving access to clean water and safe sanitation in underserved communities.  We’ve developed a straight-forward approach to provide revolving working capital loans at reasonable rates.  We’re confident that access to short-term financing will enable companies to finance growth and drive impact.